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About me

I’m happily married and living in a Perthshire village (in a cottage often called The Tardis because it holds so many visitors) and I’ve lived in Scotland for over 20 years now. I aspire to being a Scot but have an accent which is clearly ‘yokel’ England – Oxfordshire to be more exact.

I’m straight forward and easy to get to know, practical, diligent,  a person who enjoys friendships on all levels and loves and values people. I LOVE BEAUTIFUL THINGS, MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS, LEARNING-BY-DOING, PHOTOGRAPHY and DRY HUMOUR

I am known for my off-the-wall sense of fun and directness, which is great, because not so long ago, I had a long spell of depression. I can honestly say I am all the richer for the experience.


Owner of Suthies, a business specialising in web and graphic design, writing, blogging and educational resources

(2013 –    )

Development Coordinator with Scripture Union Scotland

Lendrick Muir Activity Centre (2007 to 2011)

Youth Worker with Church of Scotland

Orwell and Portmoak Parish Churches (2005-6)

Partner in computing business

Straitway Ltd (1998-2004)

Editor of The Fountain magazine

Fountains plc Utilities company (1991—1994)

Production Manager

Evangelical Press and Services (County Durham) Publishing company


Library Assistant

Oxfordshire County Libraries Services, Wantage Library (1979-1986)


  1. Teacher training encouraged my passion for education and communication and gave me a knowledge and skills base

  2. As a library assistant I learned how to deal with people of all nationalities and all walks of life and encouraged a love for people and information.

  3. Becoming a production manager in the publishing industry, I learned about the world of publishing and design, to deal with pressure, to manage a small team, to gain an eye for detail, and to be confident in my own creativity.

  4. Design skills were broadened and I took on the role of a graphic designer, learnt some web design. and using a broad range of professional software packages.

  5. A move to Caithness provided an opportunity to organise and edit a forestry company magazine (alongside some admin work for the same company) and to indulge in my love for rural community and the outdoors,

  6. As a partner in an IT business I helped to develop marketing strategies and

  7. promotional materials for the company and clients.

  8. As a youth worker and involved in a youth project, Actual Reality, I learned how to inspire others, provided opportunities to teach in schools, to work alongside young people and adults and to organise and develop local youth projects.

  9. As a Development Coordinator I offered a broad range of design and marketing skills. SU Scotland had a specific challenge - to attract school residential bookings. The (then) new Scottish Curriculum gave us a platform for change, and we introduced new branding (The Outdoor Classroom - Curriculum for Excellence in Action) accompanied by new promotional material. In 2 years we more than quadrupled our bookings

  10. In my current business I am actively using and developing further design and social networking skills whilst learning a lot more about running a business.


Anne M Sutherland

St Clair Cottage

Greenbank Road




Mob. 07512 370 205

Tel. 01577 830 442

E-mail: anne.sutherland@suthies.co.uk

Date of birth: 14.02.57

Marital status: Married

Children: 2 (now grown up!)

Clean, full driving licence


“I have had the privilege of working alongside Anne for the past four years. I know her as a person

of extraordinary creativity, commitment and compassion. I have watched as she has used her

desk-top publishing skills to create an extraordinary flow of publications and publicity material for

SU Scotland.

“Anne is solution-focused and a born problem-solver. Indeed, when she is faced with a problem –

whether it involves an individual or the organization – her response often makes it seem as if she

has been presented an opportunity!

“Anne has a huge sense of fun, and is utterly reliable. She is committed, passionate, and a person

of deep faith to whom people are drawn. Her love for others is shown by the way in which she

gives generously of her time and her transport; and the generous hospitality with which she

welcomes people into her home and to her hearth.

“She is a very good judge of people and shows integrity in dealing with others and in encouraging

them to aim high,”

Sue Hamilton (colleague and friend)

“I have known Anne for over fifteen years, largely as a close family friend but also for periods as a

work colleague, during her time as youth worker at Orwell and Portmoak Parish Church and in our

voluntary work for our local village newsletter.

“Relationship is at the heart of everything Anne does, in her personal and working life. She has a

strong belief in and a huge heart for people. In work she is an extremely able organiser, leader,

and motivator, which is balanced by her huge commitment to teamwork. She has a huge sense of

people being the most valuable resource and is utterly committed to their development. She

believes strongly in motivating others to develop a shared vision, and is committed to ensuring

everyone travels the same road to achieve the vision. Intrinsically, she is an encourager and

supporter of others, helping them to recognise and use their own gifts to the best of their ability.

“She and her family’s hospitality and love for others, whatever their situation, circumstance or need, is always clear to see and people are irrevocably drawn to this. People cannot help but feel part of one extended family in Anne’s home and this for me is a defining measure of her unwavering friendship and deep faith, as well as her compassion for and commitment to others.”

Cara Chalmers (colleague and friend)


Further Education at Matlock College of Education (Teacher Training) and B Ed degree through

Nottingham University

A Levels in English Literature and Geography and an O Level in Law from Faringdon Grammar School

CSEs (Certificates in Standard Education) from Faringdon School, in English Literature, Geography, Human Biology, Religious Education, Art and Craft, Needlework, Mathematics, French