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Experience beyond design

I have been providing graphic design for a very wide range of resources for a number of years now. With a  previous 12 years in the publishing industry and with expertise in print-buying, many of my clients give me a brief and I provide ideas and solutions, print buying quotations, as well as design and oversight of the project until it’s completion.

One of the important factors for me is being able to work with people and give them confidence that we are working to achieve the same goals.

I have previously designed and quoted for:

  1. Logos

  2. Leaflets

  3. Banners

  4. Magnetic signs

  5. Signage

  6. Screen printing

  7. Booklets

  8. Stationery

  9. Calendars

  10. Postcards

  11. Business cards

  12. Display boards

  13. Exhibition displays

‘I don’t know what I want until I see it’ is not the same as ‘I don’t know what I want but I do know what it has to convey’.

Leaflets, banners, booklets, business cards and outdoor display boards

The medium as well as the message, can vary enormously – and I throughly enjoy the variety and the challenge – one day banners for business, the next a visit to a client to talk about signage for their vehicles.

An identity for organisation, business or project

A logo provides a face for your company. I want it to be memorable, unique, creative and clearly based on the elements of the business, organisation or project. I provide a variety of options for clients after establishing a clear brief.

I also offer a small number of logos which are available ‘off the Suthies shelf’. They are currently created with generic names which may or may not match your business needs. I can customise or make minor design changes for a small additional cost.

When you buy a logo, you buy exclusive rights to it. It will only be sold once although I may show it as part of my portfolio.


If you are reading this and thinking ‘I could use someone like that’, please read my CV and if I continue to be of interest please get in touch.