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I started blogging two years ago and was attracted hundreds of people with Tilly’s Travels, the adventures of my three-legged cocker spaniel. Tilly was known for her cheeky off-the-wall sense of humour and spaniel owners identified with her escapades. Several months ago, Tilly’s blog stopped as her aggressive behaviour became increasingly hard to handle and I had to send her back to the Dogs Trust.

I’m now looking for another chance to blog and for an opportunity that will get me involved in something I’m passionate about. If you’ve an idea - talk to me!

If you haven’t gone on to Tilly’s blog and love dogs, here’s the link for you to follow…

Promotional materials

Many of the promotional materials I am asked to design, I write! I have discovered that many of my clients (small and medium businesses) need help to work out what they want to say and I work with them to develop promotional materials. Often, it develops into a wider strategy for promotion – focusing on a corporate identity and introducing fresh information for website and social media.

I love to work alongside local businesses and to get to know them. The developing relationship and the knowledge of the company give fresh insights and ideas and a much better understanding of what is needed.


A picture may be worth a thousand words but a few words can challenge and focus a reader like nothing else.

Writing for children

Like many people who just can’t stop writing, I always have a project on the back-burner.

Currently, I have two manuscripts that are at varying stages. I am currently looking for an agent or publisher for Tilly’s Travels which is part of an educational picture book series.


Several years ago, I was approached to help to revise a previous book ‘Bruised but not Broken’ and to write the continuing story of Eddie Murison which is published by Christian Focus. I have also had years of experience in the publishing trade and can offer advice and practical help to take a project forward.

If you are reading this and thinking ‘I could use someone like that’, please read my CV and if I continue to be of interest please get in touch.

I can write in a variety of styles. In this example, I was commissioned to write a book, To the Xtreme published by Christian Focus Publications, for Eddie Murison, who tells his story of anger, imprisonment and his journey of faith.


Read my latest blog here. Just me trying to make sense out of life (and spotting the strange and ridiculous!) whilst encouraging the art of thankfulness in the process.